Hawaiian Blends

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Bad Ass French Roast Bad Ass Full City Roast
Bad Ass French RoastBad Ass Full City Roast
Coffee roasted to a full, rich, dark state. Heartier and robust with less acid and caffeine. French roast tastes stronger than American or Full City Roast and is still pleasantly smooth and slightly acidic. 8 oz bagMedium bodied, smooth and balanced. All the flavor with less caffeine. Perfect for the middle of the roast coffee lover. 8 oz bag



Bad Ass Kona Blend Bad Ass Volcanic Roast
Bad Ass Kona BlendBad Ass Volcanic Roast

Our special blend of 5 beans and 2 roasts including 10% pure Kona. Simply Superb! 

8 oz bag

Our deepest, darkest, smokiest roast. If you like a dark, bold cup of coffee and don't want a bitter taste, choose this roast. 8 oz bag